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Is Social Media Pushing Gambling?

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Social media plays a big part in the lives of the majority of people around the world and it was only a matter of time before social media and online casino gaming would join forces to give players more access and information about online casinos, new games and technological developments in the casino industry.

Many online casinos in Canada and around the globe are always looking for new ways to attract players to use their sites and to keep their current players happy and using social media has been of invaluable help in doing this.


Twitter is one of the ways that online casinos are able to get new information out.  Twitter is a social network offering online news and registered users are able to post comments and interact with other users.  These comments are known as “tweets”.

Once registered on Twitter Canadian players will find a huge range of users to follow and this includes online casinos. Players who are registered at various online casinos can also follow them on Twitter.  This will mean keeping up to date with all the new promotions and giveaways and there may even be exclusive Twitter promotions. Twitter also keeps players up to date with any upcoming or new casino games.  Other players may also post comments if they have had a bad experience with a certain online casino which is helpful as players can then know which casinos to avoid.


Many online lotto South Africa casinos will also have a Facebook page. Friends may post comments about good online casinos or games they have tried which will help them make well-informed decisions about where to play. Facebook has become a great marketing tool and is used by many online casinos to advertise bonuses and promotional offers which will be offered if players add their friends to the casino page.  Just a note for players that many online casinos may use Facebook as a way to verify new players and to ensure the information given is correct.


Over the last few years Instagram has made its appearance and has really taken off. This application is used to share pictures and videos on Instagram as well as using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Many Canadian players have also jumped on the Instagram bandwagon and have found it a great social media tool. Online casinos have also begun using this platform to share information and they will post pictures or videos of any new games. Online casinos also ask that their players upload pictures of any big wins when playing at their site.

Canadian casino players will be excited about seeing how other players are wining which gives them the encouragement to continue playing knowing that big payouts are possible.


Many Canadian online casinos also use YouTube to inform players of new games and a video of the game can be watched on YouTube. This is a great help when deciding to play a certain casino game before playing for real money. There will also be promotional offers uploaded by the online casino to keep players in touch with promotions, special competitions or tournaments that the casino may be offering.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool for attracting new players and keeping current ones up to date with new games and developments as well as special offers, bonuses and promotions.

Discover Mobile Lotto Games For Extra Win

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These days, our phones are far more than just phones to us – they are cameras, bank tellers, maps, games arcades, and now, maybe even winning lottery tickets. Yes, thanks to the many mobile lotto sites that now exist, it is possible to play a wide range of local and international lotteries using just a smartphone or tablet PC.

Playing mobile lotto is far more convenient and faster than doing it any other way because players don’t have to go anywhere to do it; the lottery comes to them. Plus they have access via mobile lotto to all the same features available to standard online players – anytime, anywhere.

Play with iOS, Windows Mobile or Android

Compatibility is a non-issue with top Mobile lotto UK sites. They are designed to work on multiple platforms and the best sites have custom-made software downloads developed specifically for each major operating system and interface – including iOS, Windows Mobile and Android.

Over and above this, in-browser play options mean that mobile lotto players are not required to download any software at all if they don’t want to.

Sign Up and Play Easily

For players who already have accounts with their selected mobile lotto site’s full online version, there is no need to sign up again – they can simply login with their existing details and discover a new way to play. For new recruits, it takes only a few minutes to create a mobile lotto account and all that’s usually required are names and contact information.

Thereafter, players will be allowed to choose from a range of lotteries to play and can select their numbers via an interface resembling a standard lottery ticket format. A unique mobile lotto feature is the odds calculator function that allows players to calculate the likelihood of their chosen numbers coming up in the next draw.

Deposit and Withdraw Safely

The safest way to deposit funds into a mobile lotto account and pay for lottery tickets is via a third-party transaction service such as PayPal. But mobile lotto sites also offer a range of other payment options – including Visa, MasterCard, direct bank transfers, and more – to users. One of the benefits of online and mobile lotto play is that multiple lotteries and multiple draws can be entered simultaneously and tickets paid for in a single transaction.

Legitimate mobile lotto retailers also ensure their users’ safety by utilising the very latest password-encryption and data firewall technology. The safest bet is to do a background check on one’s chosen site before signing up. Players should check to see that the mobile lotto site is legal and licenced with the relevant local and online gambling regulatory bodies and is given the nod by various players’ fora and mobile lotto review sites.

Check Results and View Draws

There is really no risk of mobile lotto players forgetting to check the results of the draw or missing out on winnings. That’s because registered users automatically receive emails and/or push notifications to let them know about draw results and they are personally contacted if they land a winning combination.

At any time, users can visit the mobile lotto site to check the results for all the lotteries on offer and may sometimes even stream live broadcasts or recordings of televised lottery draws directly to their devices.

Play Popular Casino Games in Belgium at Grand Games

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Belgian players have the unlimited opportunity to play popular casino games in Belgium at Grand Games, with it designed entirely to accommodate them from the landing page to the available games listed.

Players are able to explore the many available games in Dutch, French and English, as well as have the opportunity to play the games they then select, receive promotions and they necessary support in whichever language they prefer.

Initially launched in 2011 and completely legal in Belgium, Grand Games uses some of the biggest and best names in the online gaming industry and has subsequently gained major popularity amongst belgium players. With multiple language and currency options, a wide range of dice games and a number of casino bonuses Australia available, this casino is a must visit for Belgian players.

Getting Started at Grand Games

The chance to play popular casino games in Belgium at Grand Games comes with just about all of the necessary basics in place, offering 24 hour support in all languages, a plethora of gaming options and a simple sign up process.

Once a player has registered an account, they are welcomed with a rewarding bonus and have the opportunity to start playing instantly. Due to the fact that this particular casino offer players the full experience right there in their browser, there is no need to download any software and the process truly is seamless even when playing mobile casino games online from their mobile devices.

Rewards and Bonuses

Not only can players benefit from being able play popular casino games in Belgium at Grand Games, but there are also a number of bonuses and rewards waiting to be taken advantage of.

Many online casinos will offer a welcome bonus to players who are new to their establishment. With this particular online casino, players are able to benefit from a 100% match bonus on the very first deposit as well as a whopping 25 free spins on a promoted slot.

Players will also be able to uncover some of the best live casino tournaments at Grand Games as well as a rewards program with multiple tiers and endless rewards. Overall, the many promotions on offer reward players and provide a range of bankroll boosts, which is essentially what a player needs to look out for.

Gaming at Grand Games

With the company behind Grand Games online casino maintaining a longstanding partnership with a couple of the very best and certainly biggest developers the industry has seen, including NeoGames and Cryptologic.

This essentially means that players are able to play popular casino games in Belgium at Grand Games as well as rather impressive versions of some of the classics, such as roulette, blackjack and poker. In addition, there are a great deal of flat-top and progressive video slots available for play, including some all time favourite like Bejeweled.

One of the few to boast a dedicated dice category, this online casino has an exceptionally wide range of variations, such as Astrodice, Roll the Dice, Monte Carlo Dice, Cubis and Magic Dice.

Aristocrat Pokies Established 1953

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Aristocrat pokies are one of the most established Pokie companies around. They started manufacturing mechanical pokies in 1953, under the leadership of Len Ainsworth. The Aristocrat Leisure Limited Company grew and grew and was listed for the first time on the Australian stock exchange in 1996. Aristocrat pokies are built on 60 years of experience and the support of over 3000 dedicated members of staff. Aristocrat Pokies is currently licensed in over 240 regions spanning 90 countries across the globe.

Aristocrat Pokies Mean Innovation

Aristocrat wouldn’t be the company they are today if they couldn’t innovate and develop with current trends. As such Aristocrat Pokies have moved into the digital age with the company now expanding their reach into all aspects of electronic gaming. They now provide not just great online pokies but also a host of related services. Aristocrat free spin pokies Australia are also available on mobile devices like Android phones and iPads.

Aristocrat And Their Cabinet Innovations

Aristocrat has developed gaming platforms that operators as well as players can take advantage of to get the most out of their gaming experiences. Hit titles like Queen of the Nile, Jackpot Carnival and Cash Express have really boosted the company’s online profile. Furthermore, since the development of their nLive solution, operators that want to move into online virtual casino territory will find Aristocrat indispensable. The nLive platform has made it simple for many manufacturers to become part of the Aristocrat Pokie experience.

Aristocrat Licensed Pokies And The Future

This innovation and flexibility has allowed aristocrat pokies to get some of the biggest licenses around. The Big Bang theory is one of those licenses that have proved a big hit for Aristocrat. This slot is based on the smash hit television series and it features everything in the Pokie that makes the show so unique. Another huge license for Aristocrat pokies is the Game of Thrones slot title. Aristocrat also has Sons of Anarchy pokies as well as a Walking Dead Pokie.

Even though Aristocrat has kept up with the times, they still know where they come from. The have breathed new life into Aristocrat pokies with the release of their VERVE HD Pokie cabinet and their VIRIDIAN cabinet. The VERVE cabinet got aristocrat listed in Casino Journal’s list of 20 most innovative products. This cabinet has not just been seen as the logical progression in Pokie design, but also as a masterwork of art and design in its own right. This Cabinet features two 21.5 Inch LCD monitors with programmable LCD buttons.

The cabinet has been ergonomically design to take into account the fact that players may be sitting at the cabinet for long periods of time. The VIRIDIAN cabinet has been equally praised for its no nonsense, sleek and simple design that has made it a hit with casino operators. Aristocrat focused on energy efficiency with the VIRIDIAN and as such does not only save the operator’s money, but it also look out for the environment. Since the success of this original design, there have been various modifications on the basic VIRIDIAN design to give Aristocrat Pokies even more of an edge. They have released the WS, the RFX stepper as well as the Hybrid VIRIDIAN models.

Online Lottery in Canada

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The lottery is a well known online game that for years now has been top of the charts with popularity. Players from around the world purchase online tickets from inbound and outbound websites. Canadian players are included in that statement and have a wealth of lottery-style games available to them.

Loads of Lottery Games Available to Canadian Players

There are 2 national Canadian lottery games and these include the Lotto 649 and the Lotto Max.

A ticket for the Lotto 649 costs a minimum of $3 per ticket and has a progressive jackpot that starts at $5 million and increases every time that the lotto isn’t won. The game is played on a Wednesday and a Saturday. The name ‘649’ refers to the amount of numbers you need to select which is 6, which you will select from a range of numbers between 1 and 49.

With online lotto USA Max you get 3 rows of numbers that cost $5 per ticket. The jackpot is quite a bit higher in this game and started at $10 million and will increase every week every time there is no winner, it will increase to a maximum of $60 million.

There are other local area specific games to take into account some of which include Atlantic 49, Quebec Astro, Ontario Encore, Western Extra, BC 49 and loads more.

Canadian players aren’t limited to playing their local and/or national lottery games; they also have the opportunity to take part in various other international lottery games including Euro Millions, Powerball, Mega Millions, NY Lotto, Irish Lotto, and UK National Lottery amongst others.

How to Play Online Lottery in Canada

All online lottery games are played in just about the same way. The idea is to select a set amount of numbers and hope that the lucky draw predicts those numbers in order for you to win the jackpot.

Some online lottery games do vary in rules and regulations and sometimes require different sets of numbers to be selected. Most online lottery games, be it in Canada or elsewhere, generally require players to select 6 numbers per line. You can decide whether you want to choose those numbers yourself or you can opt for the quick pick options which allows the game to randomly select numbers on your behalf.

Some people believe that random numbers selected by the random number generators have better odds in winning but there is no research that proves that theory, it really is just a numbers game based on a whole lot of luck.

Online Lottery Safety and Security

To purchase a lottery ticket online is fast, safe and secure. Ticket concierge sites will require you to register an online account in order to link your preferred method of payment to pay for your tickets. There is a range of trusted payment methods for you to choose from.

Once you’ve purchased a ticket a record of that ticket will be stored online and connected to your details, this safe keeps your ticket/s to eliminate the possibility of losing it.

A Brief History of Farkle

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The true origins of Farkle are a little sketchy as there are many stories as to who invented the game. Some suggest it was first played in the 14th century by a Sir Albert Farkle in Iceland and another story tells of a Sir Anthony XVIII of Wasack who had a nameless son that spoke his first word while playing with some dice. His word was “Farkle” which then became his name and the game of Farkle was discovered.

War historians argue that the game actually originated on French sailing ships in the 1600’s. The game’s first published reference was found in a festival directory that was printed during Shakespeare’s time. No matter what the history of Farkle is, it is clear this dice game has entertained many throughout the years. It is no wander that with the advent of the internet that Farkle found it’s way into the revolutionary world of online gaming.

The Basic rules to Playing Farkle

The first player rolls six dice and if any winning combinations are rolled, for example a three of a kind, the player can set aside those dice and re roll the remaining ones. You can then remove any more dice worth points to add to your running score. If you can set aside all six dice for winning points, you can re roll all of them to add to your running score. Once you have rolled and not made any points you lose your running total and the next player on the left has a go, this means you have Farkled. If you are, however, the first player to win a certain number of points you are the winner. Farkle is an exciting game of both chance and skill so it is important to have a look at the specific scoring structures and rules for each variation of Farkle. iPhone Farkle games will offer an abundance of tips and strategies to help you along the way.

Enjoy Farkle on your iPhone

The iPhone’s sophisticated technology makes for an incredible gaming experience. Game developers have produced quality iPhone Farkle games to enhance the player’s enjoyment. iPhone Farkle games can be enjoyed on the go and with the large selection of Farkle variations available to iPhone users, you will be sure to enjoy a variety of options. There are variants like iFarkle which is a one or two player game, played against the game or a friend. The winner is the first to achieve over 10 000 points from a variety of scoring combinations by rolling the dice.

Farkle dice is another iPhone Farkle game which has the network play option to play with anyone around the world. This version is fast paced and boasts wonderful graphics and sound effects. Farkle dice allows two to four players per game no matter where in the world they are. Farkle free is a more traditional version with three types of games. You can play solitaire, multiplayer or 10k solitaire. Online blackjack Canada Multiplayer games allow up to four players when playing on an iPhone. Possibly one of the best versions of Farkle is Farkle live. Farkle live lets you play solo or against thousands of players online. These are just a few of the many exciting iPhone Farkle games on the market.

Play Online Roulette Games At Best Online Casinos

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To play Roulette is to play a game of numbers, colors and chance. The game is played on a table that houses a large colorful wheel with numbered pockets. The table section is called the “layout”, it is where you place your bets and is made up of many different shapes that each have numbers and are either colored red or black. The wheel itself holds 36 pockets, each one red or black with corresponding numbers to the layout.

You as the player will place a bet on the table while the croupier spins the wheel and a small ball. Depending on what number and/or color you bet on when playing roulette and depending which pocket the ball lands in determines the amount you win. The game itself has been played in this manner for almost 300 years and yet the rules remain the same.

What Types Of Roulette Can I Choose From?

Should you wish to play roulette on a regular basis, you should be aware of the different versions the game has to offer. There are two types, American and European Roulette. European came first and is identified in two ways. First is that the layout is on either side of the wheel, with the wheel in the middle. And second is that it only has one green “0” pocket that belongs to the house. American Roulette which came later when the French immigrants moved to the frontier; holds two green pockets. One is a “0” and the other is a “00” pocket and the layout is also only on one side of the wheel. Knowing if you prefer to play roulette in American of European can change your odds of winning.

How Does Roulette Differ From Online Roulette?

It does not, is the straight answer here. Roulette itself lends well to being transferred onto a digital medium. When you play Roulette online, placing your bet is as simple as clicking on the table with your mouse cursor and then clicking the “spin” button to get the wheel spinning. The chance part of the equation is handled by world class “random numeric generation” software that simulates chance by creating a random string of numbers that translate to which pocket the ball lands in.

Is it Safe to Play Online Roulette for Real Money?

Absolutely, all online casinos these days are required by law to run stringent security measures to protect their player’s gaming funds as would any other financial institution that holds or handles your money. Online casinos will offer you many different ways to transfer your money backwards and forwards so that you can play Roulette online any time you want and withdraw your winnings when you are ready to do so. Just like any other online institution or e-commerce site, when you play Roulette online at a casino, you can choose your method of payment and withdrawal. Casinos on the internet usually offer a wide selection of payment options for both depositing funds and withdrawing winnings.

Online Roulette is one of the most satisfying games to play, so why not give it a shot and put it all on black!

How Online Bingo is Taking Over?

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The best thing about having fun with gambling options online is that they allow for a level of choice for players to take advantage of that has been unheard of until now. In the same way you no longer need to head to a brick and mortar bookmaker in order to get in on some Super Bowl action or a horse race happening on the other side of the world, and no longer need to head to a land-based casino to enjoy a little blackjack or roulette, you no longer have to rustle up enough people to get a good game of bingo on the go either. Online bingo is being made available for anyone interested in exploring the fun it is able to offer, and games are drawing an increasing number of players of many different ages, cultures and backgrounds from countries all around the world.

Stay Safe with Online Bingo

As long as you have ensured that the online casinos Canada bingo game you are enjoying is being hosted by a licensed, regulated site, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The very latest 128-bit data encryption technology is in place for your real money transactions, and you can enjoy games in complete privacy whenever you like. Simply make sure that the security settings on your mobile device are at the recommended levels if you are enjoying online bingo that way, and make your way to the win whenever you please!

Start Playing Fun Online Bingo Games

If you are unfamiliar with the rules and strategy of online bingo, then the internet is the best place to cut your teeth, as you will be able to access step by step instructions on this simple game, as well as strategy hints and tips that will increase the likelihood of you walking away a winner when the game comes to an end. Free online bingo games are widely available for you to use to get used to the fun and excitement bingo provides, and you will be able to enjoy them for as long as you like. There is no point where you will be pressured into a real money game before you are ready, and you can ensure you know what is going on before any betting begins.

Top Quality Online Bingo Entertainment

The main ingredient for a good bingo experience is the social interaction opportunities the games provide, and online bingo has made sure that this aspect is catered for on the World Wide Web as well. Chat facilities are in place that allows you to meet all kinds of different people, and you will soon be making new connections with like-minded players from all kinds of walks of life! There are not many gambling games that encourage you to chat and interact with your companions, but internet bingo makes sure that all the fun of the church basement or town hall is delivered right to you wherever you are, with the added convenience of taking part in all the action whenever you please.

Understand Online Gambling Payment Mechanisms Transactions’ Working

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Whether you are shopping for flights, shoes or the best casino game entertainment, you need to be sure your real money transactions are safe when you go online. The payment mechanisms online gambling sites make available for their players to make use of are amongst the safest in the world, and they ensure to keep it as simple as possible for players’ convenience. When you are making money available to enjoy roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slots or craps games online you can be sure that your online identity is under wraps, and your sensitive personal and financial information is never in any danger from unscrupulous online users.

Evaluating Online Payment Systems Properly

Perhaps the most important aspect of the payment mechanisms online gambling sites provide for their players’ is that they require a minimum of interaction, and you are not required to exhaustively execute an endless amount of steps in order to make a deposit or withdrawal. The most popular method by which online casino game players like to bank online is by far the credit card, and having a basic understanding of the problems you may run into when selecting this form of payment can not only help you avoid undue frustration, but resolve the issue more quickly as well.

Using Your Credit Card for Play

You will generally need to verify that you are indeed the cardholder when you select this banking option, and even after you do you may find that you need to explore one of the other options, as your card may be rejected for a number of different reasons. If you do have money available on your credit card but the casino will not allow you to make use of it, check that one of the following does not apply.

Common Online Credit Card Problems

If the credit card payment mechanisms gambling online NZ sites have in place feel your card has a high risk profile, you will need to contact your banking institution and let them know that it is you who wishes to make the transactions. This problem is usually caused by what the bank feels is unusual purchasing behaviour, either as a result of a larger than usual amount of money being requested, or as a result of the casino’s location.

The second problem is a little more difficult to resolve, and you may have to make use of another type of banking option in order to start playing casino games for real money. While the payment mechanisms online gambling sites make use of are incredibly safe and secure, some banking institutions will simply not allow your credit card to be used for this type of entertainment, as they foresee possible problems should you not enjoy wins as a result of your wagers. While this happens very infrequently, since the consequences are dire for players who stoop to this level, their position is unfortunately not negotiable, and you will have to find a different way to fund your online play. Make sure you understand the payment mechanisms online gambling sites have in place and your bank’s position on them before you begin, and you can be sure of a pleasant experience each time you go online.

Great Online Craps Entertainment on your iPad

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Craps has been a popular game for centuries, and may even have been a favourite pastime of Roman legions. It’s proved to be just as popular online, and if you’re lucky enough to own an iPad Craps games will be truly immersive thanks to its superior processing power and retina displays. If you’re interested in playing, the guidelines below are a great place to start.

Craps Basics for Beginners

In traditional Craps games players, called Shooters, throw 2 dice onto a table. Before throwing the dice a player bets on where they will land. In iPad Craps games the action of rolling the dice is simulated and Random Number Generation ensures fairness.

There are different areas of the table, demarcated for the different bets they represent. The minimum bet you need to place is on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. Each game has 2 stages, called the Come Out Phase and the Point Phase. In the Come Out Phase, a 2, 3 or 12 Roll is a Crap Out and a new Shooter comes in, while a 7 or 11 Come Out Roll is a Natural and scores wins for Pass Line Bets.

If you roll a number from 4 to 10, except 7, that number becomes the Point and you enter the Point Phase. The Dealer or, in iPad Craps, the River Belle online casino software itself, will move an On button to the Point Number. If the Shooter rolls the Point Number, bets on the Pass Line win. If there is a Seven Out at this point, with the Shooter rolling a 7, bets on the Pass Line lose and the round ends. If any other number is rolled, the dice are returned to the Shooter and a new Come Out Phase begins.

Don’t Pass Line Bets win if the Shooter rolls a 2 or 3, and tie with the casino if a 12 is rolled in the Come Out Phase. In the Point Phase, if a 7 is rolled before the Point the Don’t Pass Line Bet also wins. There are over 40 possible bets in total, but don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by this. With a little patience and practice you’ll soon be familiar with all of them, and there are many online resources to help you. When you play on your iPad Craps chatrooms, websites and other strategies and tools are easy to access. Spend some real time investigating these and discovering the ones you trust and find really useful. Your playing will be much richer and more rewarding for it.

Strategy Pointers

The more time you spend playing, discussing and exploring Craps the more insight you’ll have and the more your own playing style will develop, but in the meantime there are a few basics you can use to start off properly.

Firstly, try to establish a betting pattern as soon as possible. The best advice here is to raise your wagers when winning, lower them when losing and never quit right after a win. As always, the higher your potential payouts the higher the House Edge and you need to weigh this up carefully. As you gain experience you’ll feel more confident with the different wagers, but try to resist Proposition Bets at all costs. Their House Edge is a whopping 16%!

Superb iPad Craps Entertainment

When playing on your iPad Craps is fun and easy to learn, and is also so thought-provoking that you’ll find it hard to stop playing. With high-octane rewards thrown in as well, it’s the perfect entertainment for the thinking thrill-seekers of today’s online playing community.