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Android Slots

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Pros and Cons of Playing Android Slots

A never ending, largely juvenile, feud exists between Android and Apple supporters. Each group insists that they back the superior alternative, and won’t hear anything to the contrary. The truth is that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is, at the end of the day, a matter of personal preference as to which is better. Apple is indeed the more stable and secure platform, but Android has variety and freedom in spades.

For the sake of this article, however, we will be looking at some of the advantages of playing slot games on an Android based device. This does not mean it is the superior platform on which to play slot games, but simply lists some of the advantages. If wanting to play slot games on an Apple device, this is also possible, and an enjoyable experience. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Android slots.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The Android platform is not nearly as tightly regulated as the Apple platform, which is both an enormous advantage, and disadvantage. It means that Android users have a much larger selection of applications and games, but also that these applications and games are not as stable, and not guaranteed to be reliable. In terms of choice, however, Android users are smiling from ear to ear. There are tens of thousand of Android slots to select from, so many that a person cannot possibly hope to see every offering in detail.

It is simply a matter of going with the most popular slot game, or most highly rated, or selecting at random and seeing what happens. Selecting at random can be an interesting experience, and many gems are discovered by wondering off the beaten path. It is also, of course, often the way to land up playing a game that is poorly designed, badly optimised, or prone to crashing. Uncertainty is, however, its own reward, and this is what Android users have over Apple users.

If any game seems buggy, awkward to play, or unstable, a person can simply choose again. The difference between Android and Apple is that Android has many different models of phone with varying resources, and designing games to work on so many devise is extremely challenging, if not impossible. Hence, every game is not guaranteed to work on every device. This is a situation Android users have to accept, and embrace.

Supporting The Community

When playing at online casino Australia, and coming across a game that does not function properly, the best thing an Android user can do is voice the situation and help others. Saying which Android slots work on your device, and which don’t, is the best way to support an enormous, global community. Of course, it doesn’t help to be rude or offensive. Understanding that game developers of Android slots work under incredibly difficult circumstances is essential, and constructively helping is always better then being verbally abusive. Simply leave a comment for the developers explaining the problem you are experiencing with your device, and they will certainly fix it if they are able.

Holmes And The Stolen Stones Online Slot

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Holmes and the Stolen stones is an online slot game inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective character, Sherlock Holmes. Graphically it takes a more original approach to the look of the characters, with both Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson looking a lot younger and more buff than they have been portrayed in films and books.

Holmes and the Stolen stones has a 5 reel layout with three rows. This layout features 20 pay lines that can be made active with wagers between 0.20 and 40. There is a 10000x your wager standard jackpot on offer as well as a progressive jackpot that can be won. There is a theoretical Return To Player of 96.80%.

The bonus games in this online slot include a free spin bonus round that can be activated two separate ways as well as a pick-me style bonus game that awards cash prizes as well as a chance to trigger the biggest progressive pay out in the game.

Holmes And The Pick-me Bonus Game

The first bonus game in Holmes and the Stolen stones involves you helping the famous detective to locate the missing stones in warehouse crates. To take part in this real money casino Australia bonus game, you must land three or more of the blue keyhole scatter symbols anywhere in view.

You will instantly be taken to a new screen set in a warehouse. Clicking on each of the crates will either reveal a cash prize or a diamond gem. The diamond gems will be added to the gem meter above the reels.

If you fill up this gem meter, you will be awarded a progressive jackpot pay out. Once you click on a box that contains an explosive rather than a prize, the feature will end.

Holmes And The Free Spins Feature

Holmes and the Stolen stones has a free spins round that can be activated 2 ways. Firstly you can land 3 of the free spin scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Depending on how many scatters land in view, you can get one of 3 prizes. 3 scatter symbols will award you 10 free spins.

4 scatter symbols will award 10 free spins, plus a 1000 coin pay out. 5 scatter symbols will give you 10 free spins as well as the 10 000 coin jackpot pay out. During the Holmes and the Stolen stones free spins game, a 3x multiplier is active.

Holmes And The Progressive Jackpot

Holmes and the Stolen stones features 5 progressive jackpot payouts. Each one is awarded when you complete the corresponding Gem meter at the top of the reels. The base progressive pay outs are 40 for the blue gem, 250 for the red gem, 2500 for the yellow, 3500 for the green gem and 45 000 for the red gem.

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Pay Symbols

Holmes and the Stolen stones has 4 picture symbols and 4 playing card suite symbols as the reel icons. Sherlock Holmes is the highest value symbol and can award 4000 times your line wager for 5 symbols lined up on an active pay line. All symbols need at least 3 matching icons on a pay line to award winning combinations.

IGT Around The World Online Slot

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IGT Around The World is an online slot game inspired by the classic story by Jules Verne entitled Around the World In 80 Days. The theme of this slot will take you across the globe in a variety of Victorian era vehicles and other modes of transport. There are two wilds and a bonus triggering scatter symbol.

IGT Around The World has 5 reels with 20 fixed pay lines spread across them. There is a jackpot win on offer of 10 000 coins plus a second jackpot of 5000 coins, all thanks to the inclusion of two wild symbols.

Around The World Compass Scatter Symbol

IGT Around The World features a compass as the in game scatter symbol. This symbol offers pay outs equal to the scatter bonus multiplied by your total wager amount. The scatter pays range between 2 and 25 coins for 3 to 5 matching symbols appearing anywhere on the reels.

Additionally your scatter pays can be increased by an up to 32x multiplier. Each compass will point in one of four directions. Each compass scatter that lands with its arrow pointing north will add a x2 multiplier that increases exponentially with each additional scatter, so you can get a x2, x4, x8, x16 and finally a x32 multiplier.

Around The World Two Wilds

IGT Around The World features two different wild symbols. These Wilds both substitute for all the other standard symbols as required to complete a winning combination. They will not substitute for the Compass scatter symbol or for each other.

The symbol featuring the man in the hot air balloon is the highest value wild. He will apply a 2x multiplier to any winning combination that he is part of. He also offers coin pay outs if you line up two or more wilds on an active pay line. He will pay out between 15 and 10 000 coins.

The second wild symbol in IGT Around The World features the game logo. This wild will not double your wins but it does offer coin pay outs for two or more matching wilds on an active pay line. It pays out between 5 and 5000 coins.

Around The World Globe Bonus

IGT Around The World features a Australian Baccarat online bonus game that is triggered by the Globe symbol. The globe acts like a scatter so it is enough to land three or more anywhere on the reels, you do not need to line them up on an active pay line.

This takes you to a new screen where you must select one of four routes to travel. The further you progress on these routes, the bigger the cash payout you will receive.

Around The World Reel Symbols

IGT Around The World has great looking symbols that appear on the reels for pay outs. The symbols include a steam ship, a locomotive, a regular sailing ship, a single engine plane, a camel and the iconic hot air balloon from the book. All standard symbols require you to line up three or more matching symbols on an active pay line.

IGT Angels Touch Online Slot

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IGT Angels Touch is an online slot game with a heavenly theme. This slot game has a angel wing wild symbol as well as the Angel’s Touch bonus round. These two symbols can award between 8000 and 4000 times your wager as pay out.

IGT Angels Touch features 5 reels and 40 fixed pay lines that players can activate. There is also an Auto play feature and free spins with additional win multipliers. Angels Touch feature smooth graphics and sound effects that accurately portray the heavenly theme. The reels spin against the backdrop of the golden gates to Heaven.

The Angels Touch Wild Symbol

IGT Angels Touch features golden wings as the wild symbol. This symbol is a substitute symbol. It will take on the value of any of the standard symbols in order to complete a winning combination that it is part of.

It does not substitute for the bonus triggering scatter symbol. The wild symbol also offers players pay outs. If you line up 2 or more wild symbols on an active pay line you can win between 5 and 8000 times your wager. This is the jackpot payout in Angels Touch.

The Angels Touch Bonus Game

IGT Angels Touch has a unique bonus round. It is triggered by the reclining angel symbol. This symbol is a scatter symbol which means in order to trigger a payout you can simply land enough symbols on the reels. You will not need to line up matching symbols on a pay line.

Three or more scatter symbols are enough to trigger the free spins bonus game. When this feature triggers, players will be taken to a new screen up in the clouds. There are 8 clouds that you can click on. Each cloud will reveal a random multiplier figure. Revealing the bell and harp symbols will make these icons wild during the free spins feature. Two devil icons will end this pick-me feature.

When it ends, you will return to the reels to take 8 free spins which include the multipliers and wilds that you uncovered in the mini game. More free spins can be triggered by landing the scatters on the screen again during the free spins. The scatter symbols also offer wager pay outs. Three scatters are worth 80 times your wager, 4 scatter symbols are worth 800 times your wager and 5 scatter symbols are worth 4000 coins.

The Angels Touch Ante Bet Feature

IGT Angels Touch features an additional wager option. There is a button underneath the reels labelled Play Feature +10. If you visit this site sports betting USA, you will wager an additional 10 coins on each spin. For the additional wager, you will get better odds for activating the Angels Touch bonus feature.

The Angels Touch Reel Symbols

IGT Angels Touch features a set of standard card symbols and a set of high value picture symbol. All symbols, with the exception of the 9 and Bell symbols require players to line up three matching symbols on an active pay line. The other two symbols offer pay outs for two or more matching symbols on an active pay line.

IGT Amazon Wild Online Slot

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IGT Amazon Wild is an online slot game that takes place in the Amazonian jungle. There are 5 reels with 100 pay lines spread across them. Amazon Wild features an expanding wild symbol and a unique bonus game where you must explore ruins in the jungle to find cash prizes.

IGT Amazon Wild features an average Return To Player of 94.5%. Wager start at 0.01 and can be raised to a maximum limit of 300 per spin. The jackpot payout is 2000 times your wager awarded by 5 of the Map scatter symbols landing anywhere on the reels.

Amazon Wild Wild Symbol

The golden god statue is the wild symbol in IGT Amazon Wild. This symbol acts as a substitute symbol. As such it will take on the value of any symbol required to complete a winning combination that it is part of. It will however not substitute for the bonus scatter symbol.

An additional feature of the wild symbol is that if you land more than one wild on a reel, the two wilds will expand till they cover the entire reel. This can potentially lead to a winning combination.

Amazon Wild Bonus Scatter Symbol

The unique Vegas Casino Australia bonus game in IGT Amazon Wild is the Amazon Map game. This is triggered by landing the Map scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. You simply need to land three or more symbols anywhere; they do not need to be lined up on an active pay line.

You will be taken to a new screen featuring the expanded map. You can now click on ruins on the map in order to explore them. Each explored ruin will reveal a random cash prize. The number of scatters that triggered the feature will determine how many ruins you can pick to explore.

The scatter symbols also offer coin pay outs for landing three or more scatters on the reels. Three scatters are worth between 4 and 20 coins, four scatters are worth between 25 and 60 coins. Five scatter symbols offer the jackpot pay out in the game of between 500 and 2000 coins.


Amazon Wild Reel Symbols

The symbols that appear on the reels in IGT Amazon Wild are all fauna and flora that you will find in the Amazonian jungle. They are divided into animals, flowers and birds. The flowers are the lower value symbols, while the birds are medium value and feature two parrots, a Toucan and a Humming Bird.

The IGT Amazon Wild animals feature a Black Panther, a red Tree Frog, a Chameleon and a Monkey. These are the highest value symbols and offer pay outs for landing three or more matching symbols on an active pay line. The frog symbol is worth between 25 and 50 times your wager. The Chameleon is worth between 30 and 200 times your wager. The Monkey symbol is worth between 40 and 500 times your wager. The Black Panther is the highest value standard symbol and offers pay outs of between 50 and 1000 times your wager.